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Jemma cast in Hampstead Theatre’s “Octopolis”

Well, this rather exciting announcement happened earlier:

The play is on at Hampstead Theatre between 15 September 2023 to 28 October 2023. Tickets are available now from Hampstead Theatre.

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Voxbox Sound Recording Booth – Promo Video featuring Jemma Redgrave

Voxbox is a “foldable, portable sound recording booth”. The Kickstarter fundraiser for this will launch on July 17th:

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“Grantchester” Season 8 – Is She or Isn’t She?

Here we go again! PBS, who air “Grantchester” in the USA, have released a trailer for Season 8 together with episode synopsis’ and recurring and special guest cast list. Typically, Jemma is not mentioned in the PBS articles for Season 8. Here’s the link to the main article:

“Get Ready for Grantchester Season 8” – PBS

Here’s the trailer – and I cannot spot Jemma in this (maybe those of you with better observation skills will have more luck!):

It’s not all doom and gloom – other articles state Jemma will be back and, honestly, looking at the synopsis of the final episode in particular, it would make sense for Amelia to make an appearance. Tellyvisions seem convinced she will be back:

Tellyvision’s Grantchester Update

In other “Grantchester” news, PBS will air Season 8 on 9 July. However, ITV have yet to announce a UK air date.

Ah well – it’s wait and see time again. Please keep the site updated should you spot anything! Thank you!

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Jemma to Star in New Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Audio Drama from Big Finish

Big Finish will be celebrating Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary with an epic 8 part adventure titled “Once and Future”. Jemma will star alongside Tom Baker, Rufus Hound and Ingrid Oliver in the first adventure called “Past Lives”:

Episode one, Past Lives by Robert Valentine, kickstarts an epic eight-part audio drama from Big Finish Productions celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who!

The legendary Tom Baker stars, alongside Rufus Hound (as the time-meddling Monk), Jemma Redgrave (as UNIT chief Kate Stewart), Ingrid Oliver (as scientific advisor Osgood) and Sadie Miller (as Sarah Jane Smith)!

Settling as his Fourth incarnation, the Doctor goes in search of the Monk, with a vague memory that he had something to do with his ‘degeneration’.

On Earth, the Monk is meddling, bringing Sarah Jane Smith to the future UNIT HQ to steal a device for an alien race. The Doctor must help Kate Stewart and Osgood foil an invasion before he can confront the Monk about what he knows…

Producer David Richardson said: “One of the joys of this anniversary release is being able to savour things that could otherwise never happen – like the Fourth Doctor meeting Kate Stewart and Osgood, or his being reunited with Sarah Jane Smith who is living through the day she was left behind on Earth in The Hand of Fear… It sparkles with magical moments that fit beautifully within Doctor Who’s 60th year.”

There are a number of purchase methods. To purchase just this release then visit this page: Big Finish Once and Future – Past Lives.

You can also order all 8 of the series on either CD for £75 or by Digital Download for £62.