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News Update – 7 March 2024

A few pieces of news that I felt should be in one all-encompassing post!

First up – Conventions/Signings

1. Megacon Live – 24 March 2024. Jemma is there on the Sunday with Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldred.

2. Bedford Who Charity Con 9 – Saturday 6 April 2024. Tickets are selling fast!


Original Theatre have made “Barnes People” available for stream/rent. Rent for 48 hours – £5.99 or get unlimited access with a membership from £8.99/month.

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“Demon” – Jemma Redgrave – Cinejoy Film Festival Streaming plus British Release

The film poster and trailer for “Demon” which stars Jemma Redgrave as a bank manager have been released (see below). This film is the debut feature from director and co-writer George Louis Barlett and introduces Ryan Walker-Edwards in his first feature role.

The synopsis reads:

When an unpaid train fine comes back to haunt him, office worker Ralph flees London to a forest motel where a temporary hideout becomes a nightmarish purgatory, and emerging ghosts of the past force him to confront the loss of his father.

Taking viewers on a winding road that blurs the lines of reality, when one man tries to escape his problems but instead finds himself faced with more anguish.

“Demon” will be available to watch as part of the “Cinejoy Festival” between 20 March 2021 and 2 April 2021. Tickets are priced at $3.99.

According to “Demon” will be released in the UK later this year.