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Scanned Interview – “Work Has Made Me Smile Again” – Jemma Redgrave – TV Times – June 1998

A scanned interview with Jemma from “TV Times” from June 1998 has been added to the gallery. You might have to go to the gallery and access the full size versions in order to read the interview.

Gallery Link: scans/1998/Work Has Made Me Smile Again – TV Times – June 1998

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Scanned Interview – “My Greatest Love Affair of All” – Jemma Redgrave – Look Magazine – 2000

A scanned interview with Jemma from “Look Magazine” from the year 2000 has been added to the gallery. You will need to go to the gallery and access the full size versions in order to read the interview.

Gallery Link: scans/2000/look magazine

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Interview: Jemma Redgrave on #Berena

The Holby City actress talks to DIVA about the groundbreaking romance between Bernie and Serena.

When Major Bernie Wolfe hit Holby City’s wards, a certain group of viewers snapped to attention.

The maverick trauma surgeon had been airlifted out of Afghanistan and was mumbling about a colleague called Alex. Gender neutral name? Conspicuous lack of pronouns? Sudden reluctance to be in the same room as the handsome doctor husband she hasn’t seen in months? It could only mean one thing.

When Alex showed up – played by Heather Peace, no less – Bernie and her backstory came tumbling out of the closet, but the relationship that really caught viewers’ attention was with Serena Campbell, the Shiraz-swilling, seemingly-hetero consultant, fond of telling Bernie how terrific she is.

While most shows can’t put two ambitious women in the same room without turning them into rivals, Bernie and Serena bonded from the start, and actress Jemma Redgrave was happy to step out of her scrubs (probably not literally – we didn’t ask) and talk about why #Berena is still so groundbreaking.

“What’s really been lovely is to build a friendship, and a friendship between two women of a certain age who are both professional women, who have a shared language. That was really easy for Catherine and I, because we had that shared language anyway. They really like each other and support each other and everything comes from that. Anything that happens beyond that is luck, but I think the chemistry is very good.”


You can read the full interview here. Enjoy!

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My Best Teacher – Jemma Redgrave

Thanks to Gemma we have a new addition for our article/interview section… 🙂

A primary teacher who ignored timetables and sent the actress home to pick up a pair of socks for her may have been quirky, but she taught powerful subjects brilliantly

You can read the rest of the interview below:

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