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Promo Image of Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart in Doctor Who: Survivors of the Flux

The BBC have released a promo image of Jemma as Kate Stewart in the next episode of “Doctor Who” called “Survivors of the Flux”. The episode airs in the UK on BBC1 on Sunday 28 November at 6.25pm. The full size version is in the gallery:

Gallery Link: TV Series/Doctor Who/Series 13/Stills: Episode 13×05 – Survivors of the Flux

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Jemma Redgrave Returns as Kate Stewart

Jemma Redgrave returns as Kate Stewart in next week’s Doctor Who episode titled “Survivors of the Flux”. The episode airs on BBC 1 on Sunday 28 November at 6.25pm.

Here’s the next time trailer:

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Big Finish – UNIT Nemesis: Between Two Worlds – Now Available to Buy

Finally! The new UNIT audio from Big Finish – “UNIT Nemesis: Between Two Worlds” is now available to buy/download. There is also a cracking trailer where Jemma as Kate introduces the team:

The four stories in the set are:

The Enemy Beyond by Andrew Smith

In a UNIT facility beneath Edinburgh Castle, Kate and Osgood work to unlock the mystery of a stone arch discovered buried in a prehistoric rock formation.

When the arch takes one of their number away to a strange, bleak world, it leads to an encounter with a Time Lord. One with multiple personalities. Soon the Eleven is loose on the streets of Edinburgh and plotting to seize the arch from UNIT by any means necessary.

Fire and Ice by John Dorney

When Kate needs Harry Sullivan’s help with a threat from the Eleven, she and Osgood travel to Australia to meet him. He’s there with Naomi Cross, investigating footage of an apparent UFO crash that turned up on social media.

They find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between Ice Warriors. And one Ice Warrior isn’t so icy – in fact, he’s red hot. And getting hotter…

Eleven’s Eleven by Lisa McMullin

A series of jewel robberies in London and the Home Counties draws the attention of UNIT when it’s discovered that some of the stolen gems are alien in origin.

The robberies are the work of an organised criminal gang led by East End villain Ava Drake. But Ava has a new, ruthless partner. The Eleven has promised her riches, and for him the gems are a means to defeat UNIT and regain the arch.

The Curator’s Gambit by Andrew Smith

The arch is taken to the Under Gallery for safe keeping, under the protection of the Curator. When the Eleven penetrates the Gallery’s security, the Curator initiates an emergency plan. He and UNIT play a game of cat and mouse with their pursuers within the Under Gallery’s original location, Hampton Court Palace.

The audio is available to buy at Big Finish for £24.99 on CD and £19.99 for download.

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Celebrity Christmas Concert – Harborough Singers – Jemma Redgrave

The Harborough Singers have announced their Celebrity Christmas Concert and it features Jemma Redgrave and Simon Slater. It takes place on Saturday 18 December 2021 at St Dionysius Church at 7.30pm (Doors open at 6.45pm).

The concert is described as a “wide ranging mix of carols old and new, intermingled with readings from our celebrities”.

Tickets are available at £15 for central nave and £7 for side aisles and balcony.

You can book tickets via We Got Tickets.

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Big Finish – UNIT: Nemesis – Trailer Released.

Big Finish have released the trailer for the next UNIT Audio – UNIT Nemesis – which is due to be released in November 2021. You can listen to it on the player below or head over to Big Finish to listen/download.

UNIT: Nemesis will be released in November and is available to pre-order now for £19.99 Digital or £24.99 CD.

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“UNIT: Nemesis” Feature in new Vortex Magazine by Big Finish

There is a cracking feature on the new “UNIT: Nemesis” audio that is to be released in November 2021 in the new Vortex Magazine. The magazine is a free download from Big Finish and you can download it from their website.

The magazine features this rather wonderful photo that has been added to the gallery:

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HD Screencaptures – Jemma Redgrave – Holby City Series 23 Episode 23

Here we go again! A large batch of 1920 x 1080 HD screencaptures of Jemma Redgrave from Series 23, Episode 23 of Holby City have been added to the gallery. Samples below:

Gallery Link: TV Series/Holby City/HD Screencaptures/S23E23