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“Grantchester” – Jemma Redgrave – Season 6, Episode 2 Synopsis and Promo Image

ITV have released the synopsis for Season 6, Episode 2 of “Grantchester” and the cast list features Jemma as Amelia Gurney-Clifford (so, Amelia has married St John then!). Episode 2 airs on ITV on Friday 10 September at 9pm. The full-size version of the image above is available in the gallery.

When a baptism service is disrupted by a man claiming he’s the rightful father of the child, and not the smiling parents around the font, Will and Geordie find themselves drawn into a complicated family dispute which seems to be connected to the murder of Joan Beaumont, the head of a local adoption agency. With both sets of parents having reasons to want Joan silenced, are any of them responsible for her death? Meanwhile at the vicarage, a sinister blackmail letter arrives for Leonard, forcing Will to visit his own difficult family in the hopes of raising the money to pay the demand. But when his newly-arrived-in-town step-sister, Tamara, jeopardises Will’s chances with step-dad St John, Leonard decides to take matters into his own hands – and face his blackmailer, alone…