Synopsis for Holby City 18×51 ‘Life in the Freezer’ & Promo Photos

This series is slowly coming to an end… but there will be more Bernie, be assured 😉

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Bernie makes a big decision about her future with Serena when an exciting opportunity arises.

Bernie is forced to assess her true feelings after Hanssen offers her the chance of a secondment in Ukraine – leading her to make a dramatic decision.

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Synopsis for Holby City 18×36 ‘Missing You Already’ & Promo Photo

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Bernie’s husband is fighting dirty in the divorce, turning her children against her. The mother of a young train victim overpowers Bernie with her grief, leading her to confront her own failings as a mother.


Synopsis for Holby City 18×29 ‘Out of Sight Out of Mind’ & Promo Photo

Bernie’s thrown when she’s served with divorce papers and finds her ex is going for the jugular. But the AAU family gather round to lift her spirits and show her she’s not alone.


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Holby City character page updated: meet Bernie Wolfe

The BBC have updated their Holby City character’s page and added Bernie Wolfe:

Berenice ‘Bernie’ Wolfe

Arrival: 2nd February 2016

Position: Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon

Major Berenice ‘Bernie’ Wolfe, a General and Trauma Consultant Surgeon, was serving out in Afghanistan with no great hunger to get home prior to joining the team at Holby City.

“’Not to blow my own trumpet but I’m one of the country’s best frontline surgeons. This is my bread and butter…” – Bernie Wolfe

She’s a surgeon used to quick-fire decisions, not the long-winded bureaucracy that often accompanies civilian life. Bernie’s view is “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you” but that’s not to say she isn’t a team player – Bernie is happy to get the rounds in for her squad.

Despite her occasionally brusque approach, Bernie simply sees herself as pragmatic – after all, why would she let someone else do a job that she can do better and faster?