Photo of Jemma Redgrave at ‘Regenerations’ Doctor Who Convention 2016 & audio copy of her panel ‘Being Kate Lethbridge-Stewart’

Thanks to the ‘Indie Mac User’ website we have a photo of Jemma from Saturday and if you follow the link in the tweet below you can listen to her panel “Being Kate Lethbridge-Stewart” as well! Isn’t this great? Enjoy!

Jemma Redgrave at ‘Love & Friendship’ UK premiere

EDIT (26 May): More photos have been added. Hope you like them. Jemma looked gorgeous!

Click on the image below to see the rest:

12 high quality photos of Jemma from the ‘Love & Friendship‘ UK premiere are online in our gallery now.

A couple of previews:

More can be found here.